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    Let Your Yes Be OH YES!

    There are a few things I thought about (as well as a few things I wish I had thought about) by the time I first had sex. Maybe a conversation about the real definition can start there.

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    Regarding the Recent Scandal out of Willow Creek Community Church

    This afternoon, I was browsing my Facebook feed (which has somehow become an act of either defiance or willful ignorance lately, but I’m not really on board) and came across a friend’s post.  He had linked this article about Megachurch leader and evangelical personality, Bill Hybels, who has recently been accused of sexual misconduct.  My friend shared this post along with the article: Katelyn Beaty’s observations are notable and I want to address them.  But first I have to delve into why this news gets to me on a more personal level than have any of the other evangelical scandals from recent years. My Connection I grew up at Willow Creek,…

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    “News is the first rough draft of history”

    I went to see The Post on Friday with Ben.  I have a lot of feelings about it. It’s a wonderfully made movie.  I mean, obviously.  You don’t pick Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, Bradley Whitford and Bob Odenkirk just to make a funny little romp that goes nowhere and does nothing.  I don’t really feel like a person qualified to discuss the virtue of Spielberg’s cinematography choices, and that doesn’t really interest me too much either.  Like I said, it was a movie wonderfully made, and my tastes are such that that’s enough for me. The story is what interests me.  The story they chose to tell it, the way they…

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    What’s Wonderful this Week?

    Feminist Anthems Last week, I mentioned my playlist of Patriarchy Pounding Pop songs that I frequently find myself listening to while I’m at work.  Especially on days immediately following some news story that makes the fight towards equality seem Sisyphean, this playlist I created a few months ago (and continually add songs to as I find them) helps me draw on the wellspring of power and perseverance of the billions of other women in the world who are fighting the same fight I am. The idea of the playlist stems from my theory that if depression is isolating and isolation is depressing, then the we’re-in-this-together feeling is empowering, and empowerment…