Policy Updates

This little project started after a conversation at work (I was at a foster care and adoption agency at the time) about how difficult it is to keep up with legislation that is relevant to what we do.  I thought about it and looked into the online resources and realized that there were some concrete ways to track legislation as it came out, was voted on, and was passed.  I subscribed to Pennsylvania’s legislature’s email updates, and messed around with a GovTrack.us account, and then started putting out these emails every week.

I quickly learned that, while following legislation is indeed difficult, (you can watch through the progression of these posts how I learned and improved over time) it is not impossible, and it is incredibly informative.  Worth it, especially if you have specific causes you care about and want to track them.

When I move out of Pennsylvania, I will try to keep this up, though I might widen my net a bit and look at other noteworthy legislation that doesn’t only affect children in foster and adoptive care.